Accounts Payable and Cash Disbursements

For PO payments, only entry required is the invoice amount(s) and the PO number--all other data defaults from the specific PO and from the vendor file.

Non-PO payment screen allows for processing of expenditures (522) arising from claims without a PO and for cash disbursements to G/L accounts other than 522 (refunds of revenue, refunds of credit memos, sales tax payments, transfers to other funds, etc).

Vendors can be added/modified from within the payment entry screens; one-time payments can be made without adding payee to the vendor file.

Recurring payments can be processed with little or no data entry.

Defined options to import payment transactions from external sources (i.e. refunds, reimbursements).

“Security” for unencumbered balances by budget code and for purchase order encumbrances to prevent overspending and enforce budgetary controls--flexible so that the proper restrictions can be defined for each specific user.

System-generated laser checks with electronic signature(s) on “blank” stock:

  • No third party hardware or software required
  • No pre-printed check stock required

Easy issuance of “demand” checks for payments that must be made before entire warrant is closed-eliminates “hand-drawn” checks.

Flexible check void procedures with cancel or reissue options; options for changing account distribution on the original check.

Checking account reconciliation options for full electronic (export), partial (import), and manual (user maintained); exports and imports are customized to your bank’s file specifications.

Supports multi-fund cash disbursement accounts, and facilitates cash accounting procedures among the funds.

All payments processed post to the system Cash Disbursements Journal and are summarized to the General Ledger automatically.

Detailed information for fixed assets acquisitions can be maintained as payments are processed, to facilitate compliance with GASB-34 accounting standards.

If the integrated Warehouse/Inventory Module is implemented, vendor invoice payments can be processed “by item.”

Integrated industry-standard report-writer, Crystal Reports® with data dictionary to facilitate the use of system-maintained information as needed; integration with Microsoft Office®.