ACH Auto-Debit for Retiree Health

A much under-utilized feature of the WinCap Employee Benefits Module offers tremendous time-savings for collecting amounts due from retirees and others that are no longer on the district payroll for their share of health insurance and other benefits. This feature simply extends the functionality to generate invoices based on the benefit enrollment records that are maintained through this module. Functionality associated with this feature includes:

  • Creates an ACH file for transmission to your bank to debit the bank accounts of those individuals with amounts due for the defined billing cycle (usually monthly)
  • Creates a Cash Receipt, effective for the billing date, which credits all of the invoices that were generated for that billing cycle
  • If invoices are printed for the amounts due, they are marked as Paid-in-Full based on the fact that their accounts have been debited, so the invoices can essentially serve as their receipt of payment
  • Bank account information for these individuals is maintained through the WinCap Vendor/Customer file on the page tab labeled EFT.

There is no additional charge to utilize this feature if you have licensed the Employee Benefits Module. A number of WinCap client sites are already utilizing this feature, and we can provide referrals for anyone wishing to discuss the effectiveness of this approach with those clients. For assistance with the setup and use of this feature, interested users can contact CCA Payroll/HR Support or your BOCES Regional Information Center.

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