The Bid Module is a fully integrated component of the WinCap accounting and purchasing subsystem. It is also available as a stand-alone application, for districts that have not fully implemented the WinCap Accounting subsystem, but who desire a comprehensive system to manage the entire bidding process.


The following are the key components and functionality provided through this module:


Item Catalogs—this module extends the functionality for defining and maintaining item catalogs based on user-defined categories that are provided through the basic WinCap purchasing functions. These catalogs serve as the basis for compiling staff requests for the items in a particular bid category, and provide the item specifications that are used to solicit bids from vendors.


Bid Request Entry—Initial staff requests for items in a particular bid catalog are entered through the regular WinCap requisition process, using either the standard requisition/purchase order entry form, or the catalog/ bid order entry form that allow users to browse all catalog items and enter quantities for the specific items they desire.


Bid Solicitation from Vendors—Staff requests are compiled for each bid catalog item and summarized for vendor solicitation. User requested quantities can be over-ridden for presentation to vendors as the basis for bid responses. System allows for printing of mailing labels for the specific vendors associated with a particular bid category.


Entry of Vendor Bid Responses—An easy entry form is provided for entering the unit costs bid by a particular vendor for each of the items included in the bid solicitation. This form can also be used to enter any variances/substitutes that are bid by the vendor for specific items. Alternate items bid by the vendor may also be recorded. Vendor responses for specific items can also be rejected with a reason at this stage. An option is also available to import the bid responses from vendors if they are submitted using a system-defined MS Excel® spreadsheet template.


Bid Analysis and Bid Awards—A number of reports are available to assist users in analyzing the bids submitted by the responding vendors. An on-line Bid Award form provides options for the user to mass award items to the lowest bidder for each item, to mass award items to a specific vendor, or to award items to the vendor they specify. A variety of reports are also available to present the bid award information to the Board, to the vendors who submitted bids, and to the vendors receiving awards for items on the bid.


Issuing Bid Orders—Once bids have been awarded, bid orders can be issued in a number of ways. Any bid requests that were entered prior to solicitation of the bid can automatically be turned into bid order requisitions, either individually based on the original requests, or in aggregate if items are going to be shipped to a central warehouse. The system will utilize the awarded prices and create separate orders based on the vendor to whom the bid was awarded. Orders can be mass generated in any open fiscal year. Individual orders can also be entered using the regular system requisition/purchase order entry form or the catalog/bid entry form until the bid has expired.


Allows for an unlimited number of user-defined bids for an unlimited number of item categories and subcategories.


Supports cooperative bids



  • Other WinCap users participating in the co-op bid can electronically download the bid item catalogs defined by the sponsor agency. Participating agencies can use these catalogs to compile bid requests within their own organization.
  • Participating agency requests can be entered and maintained in the sponsor agency data for compilation of total bid request quantities, but system features will prevent those requests from being issued as requisitions or purchase orders for the sponsor agency or affect the sponsor agency’s budgetary amounts.
  • Bid awards can be electronically downloaded to participating agencies so they can issue orders based on the awarded prices. For other WinCap users, the system will automatically convert the sponsor agency’s vendor code to a designated vendor code in the participating agency’s vendor file when award data is downloaded.



Integrated industry-standard report-writer, Crystal Reports®, with data dictionary to facilitate the use of system-maintained information as needed; integration with Microsoft Office®.