Board Agenda Prep Made Easy!

Those client sites that use both the WinCap Human Resource (appointments) and Enhanced Reporting features automatically have access to a powerful and efficient no-cost option for compiling personnel action items for their Board Agenda. Smithtown Central School District is one of our first client sites to have taken advantage of this capability, and they have been using it to prepare their Board packets since June 2008.

Lorraine Hande, Technical Support Representative at Smithtown CSD coordinated the setup and implementation of this feature with their HR department and Athletics office (where coaches are appointed). The following are some of her comments and those of other district staff who have realized its benefits:

"At first, I was concerned about the amount of time I thought it would take to accomplish a Board Agenda generated from within WinCap......but to my surprise it was easy to implement. Creating the first category took the longest to set up because of the layout. Once I had the proper layout in place it was easy to create additional categories. We started a pilot using only a few categories. We ran a few parallel agendas and it quickly became apparent that this feature was the most efficient way to create an accurate agenda. The Board Action feature has rapidly become the primary source in creating the Smithtown CSD Personnel portion of the Board Agenda. Today we have 167 categories. Our HR department found it easy to generate an agenda within WinCap. All the necessary fields needed to generate an agenda in WinCap had already been entered during the hiring process. The elimination of re-typing the same data in a word processing program has saved work hours with each agenda created in WinCap. The Human Resources department fully utilizes the Board Agenda module. They have been very enthusiastic during the implementation and the success of this project is attributed to their diligence. "

Carol Ward, Principal Clerk, Certified Personnel:

"The WinCap BOE Agenda report has enabled us to produce the agendas with minimal or no errors as far as salaries, location, etc. as it is all taken from the data already put in WinCap."

Maureen Romano, Principal Clerk, Classified Personnel:
"Producing agendas from WinCap eliminates typing all of the information again in a word processing program. Items (appointing new employees, end dates, salary changes etc.) can not be added to the agenda  without first being entered in WinCap. Board info is now stored in WinCap so we can look back for information from past agendas right at our desks instead of looking for hard copies from the past"

Joan Pappacena, Office Applications Specialist:

"If the data is input and linked on all appropriate fields on various screens; creating the Board Action page is quick and consistent."

Ann Marie Scholz, Senior Clerk Typist, Athletics office:

"Doing the board agenda in WinCap has saved our office so much time and has increased our efficiency and reduced errors".

Click this link to access a Quick Start Guide with complete documentation to setup your Board categories and to format the content for each category. If you do not have the time or resources to setup your Board categories on your own, CCA can help.  Contact the Payroll/HR Support today!

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