Budget Development

The Budget Development features described here are fully integrated components of the standard WinCap accounting subsystem. These functions are also collectively available as a stand-alone application, for districts that have not fully implemented the WinCap Accounting subsystem, but who desire a comprehensive system to manage the entire budget building process.

The Budget Development Worksheet is an on-line worksheet that provides for the entry and review of the proposed budget for the new year. It also allows users to compare the proposed budget to budget and expenditure data for the current and prior fiscal year. Additional user-defined fields are provided so users can save and label different “cuts” of the budget as it is being developed, and to include additional historical budget data in the development process as desired.

Itemized data and text can be maintained to justify or annotate proposed budget amounts.

Supports a requisition-based budgeting model for those districts that wish to build their budget, or components of the budget, from actual budget requests and requisitions entered on-line by district staff; these budget requests can be selectively turned into requisitions and purchase orders once the budget is approved, without re-entry of data.

Staff requests for standard supplies and bid items can be entered on-line for the new year as the budget is being developed, and these can be automatically turned into requisitions and purchase orders once the budget is approved.

Salary and benefits projections can be compiled based on actual data maintained through the WinCap employee maintenance and benefits functions.

The Budget Development Detail form allows users to browse through components of the proposed budget, to view both the total budgeted amounts and any itemized detail associated with each budgetary account. This can be used for on-line presentations of the budget, and allows for the budget detail to be accessed and revised as necessary as the budget is being reviewed.

Utilizes user-specific budget account and sub-fund level security definitions, which allows users to access and update just those components of the budget to which they are restricted. Cut-off dates can be established for individual users so they cannot make any changes to proposed budget amounts after their designated cutoff date.

At cutover to the new fiscal year, the proposed budget amounts automatically become the Original Appropriations, and budget transactions are created to commence the audit trail for appropriation amounts.

System reporting options provide users the flexibility to present data at varying levels of detail for various audiences.

Automatically compiles data into the three-part budget format required by NYS for presentation of the proposed budget--Program, Administration and Capital—for the proposed budget, the current year budget and prior year actual expenditures.

Integrated industry-standard report-writer, Crystal Reports®, with data dictionary to facilitate the use of system-maintained information as needed; integration with Microsoft Office®.