Employee Appointments and other HR Information

Maintenance of Appointment Area and Appointment Type for each Board appointment for an employee

Tenure Areas for Certified Employees

Civil Service Classifications for Classified Employees

Appointment type facilitates management and compliance for current appointments-- provisional, probationary, tenured, permanent, preferred eligible, temporary, leave replacement, etc.

Appointment data can be maintained for current positions and historically, so an employee’s total career with the district can be easily viewed and reported on.

Seniority and Preferred Eligibility Lists can be generated from current appointment data.

Maintenance of Certifications/Professional Licenses that each employee has earned/completed

Data maintenance design allows for reporting on just those certificates pertinent to the employee’s tenure area as well as all certificates the employee might hold

Standard reports to easily identify all employees whose “pertinent” certificates or licenses are expiring within a specified period

Tracks re-certification “hours” for NYS Professional Certificates

A Board “action file” can be directly maintained based on data entered or modified through the employee maintenance functions, and a Board Agenda report can be generated from this action file

Board categories are established to track appointments and other personnel action items according to the actual categories the district utilizes to present such items for their Board to consider

Various options are available for the district to customize the presentation and to default “verbiage’ for the action items associated with each category

Maintenance of Evaluation Data for scheduling/recording evaluations

Maintenance of data concerning board approved Leaves of Absence

Data is maintained for each leave as to the type of leave, the leave effective and end date and its impact on seniority, longevity, and the probationary period for the appointment if applicable.

Tracks the employee(s) appointed as leave replacements for the specific staff on leave

Standard reports available to:

  • list all staff that are on a leave of absence for a specified date or data range, with the type of leave, actual leave dates and the associated leave replacement(s) that have been appointed
  • list all leave replacement staff for a specified date or date range showing their appointment effective and end dates and who they are specifically subbing for during that period

Determinations for Longevity increments and updating of payroll salary information

Maintenance of data relative to educational degrees, courses and in-service credits; import template is available to import data maintained in other systems to avoid redundant data maintenance efforts

Automated routines to process ‘payment” for new degrees earned and courses completed—a) salary grade changes for salary schedules based on degrees and/or credits earned or b)salary stipends or pay transactions for contracts that pay in that manner

Assignment-level data maintenance for tracking specific programmatic and functional assignments and for managing staff working in multiple locations

User-defined dates and fields for managing compliance with specific contractual terms and addressing other human resource management needs; user-maintained note fields for further annotating employee data

Extensive array of reports for managing employee appointments and assignments; user-defined fields and “where clauses” are provided to allow for selecting and sorting of employee records on user-defined criteria 

Integrated with industry-standard Crystal Report Writer® and WinCap Enhanced Reporting Module to facilitate the use of system-maintained information as needed; integration with Microsoft Office® products.