Employee Benefits

Table driven to reduce data entry for employee benefits information and costs, but provides flexibility to “override” the tables for individual employees.

Allows for an unlimited number of user-defined benefits.

Employees are assigned to user-defined employee benefit groups, each with their own “rules” concerning the cost to the employer and to the employee and the methods for allocating such costs for each benefit.

Full transaction-based accounting for the allocation of costs.

Fully-integrated with all other subsystems and modules:

  • Automatically updates employee payroll deductions based on defined employee costs for each benefit
  • Automatically encumbers and liquidates the defined employer cost for each benefit by individual
  • Employer costs can be expensed as payments are made to providers or accrued by other means (i.e.. when payroll period is posted)
  • Interfaces to automatically update the billing and accounts receivable system for employee costs for “employees” that are no longer on payroll—retirees, COBRA, staff on leaves of absence
  • Data is available for use by Employee Cost Projection Module as basis for projecting benefit costs for budget development and negotiations
  • Offers option to display the cost of employee benefits on system-generated Salary Notices

Provides for the processing and auditing of benefit payments to providers

Provides for the maintenance of benefits for retired employees, including balances for benefits paid from unused sick leave “accounts” that will be exhausted over time

Provides for the determination of Medicare eligibility (including spouses) and for the processing of Medicare reimbursements; allows for reimbursement to spouse concurrently or as survivor.

Extensive array of reports for managing benefits information and costs

User-defined fields and “where clauses” are provided to allow for selecting and sorting of employee records on user-defined criteria

Integrated industry-standard report writer, Crystal Report Writer® with data dictionary to facilitate the use of system-maintained information as needed; integration with Microsoft Office® products