Enhanced Reporting Module and Custom Crystal Reports

While WinCap provides the standard reports that support school district management and address various other agency reporting requirements, CCA believes that the value of the system is greatly enhanced when end-users are confident and comfortable in working with their data and being able to generate “output” to address specific tasks or needs as these present themselves.

WinCap offers an optional Enhanced Reporting Module (ERM) that effectively enables end-users who do not have programming expertise to design and generate ad-hoc reports and queries on their own.  It allows users to create reports that are customized to meet their district’s information needs and the needs of that individual user.

ERM provides a series of “data views” that simplify the complex relational databases within the system into straightforward files for users to generate their own columnar reports, mail-merge letters, and labels.  Data selection criteria assist the user in selecting just the records they want to include in the report. Report definitions and data selection criteria can be saved for repetitive use.

A significant advantage of this approach to meeting end-user needs is that user-defined reports generated through ERM apply the appropriate data filters so that the user generating the report will only access the specific data they are allowed to view based on their user security profile.

The support services for the Enhanced Reporting Module include initial group training sessions to help get users started, as well as help-desk support to assist them as they apply these features in designing their own reports.

Client sites implementing the Enhanced Reporting Module will also purchase a license for the Crystal Reports® software, which then allows them to modify WinCap system reports to create their own customized version(s) of these reports as desired.  This approach takes advantage of the work that has already been done by CCA to program that report but allows the client to further customize the presentation of data.  CCA staff will install the Crystal Reports® software on your application server, integrate it with the WinCap data files, and configure it so that authorized users can access it directly from within WinCap.  For districts with staff that are more sophisticated in using report-writers and working with complex data files, authorized district staff can also develop custom reports from scratch and provide access to them from the WinCap system menus, utilizing the WinCap Custom Report Manager that is included with the Enhanced Reporting Module.