Features For Educational Service Agencies

WinCap has been specifically designed to address the unique needs of Educational Service Agencies/Intermediate Service Units. Each functional component of the system includes standard features to assist ESA’s in managing their own financial and human resources and to facilitate their ability to efficiently provide services to their constituency. These include:

Ability to define Services, which serve as the basis for client billing and for revenue and expenditure accounting.

A fully-featured billing and accounts receivable component that is fully integrated with all system accounting functions. Accounts Receivable subsidiary is maintained by customer; revenue accrued through billing is accounted for by service and by customer. User security allows for on-line access to current service contracts and billing information by client districts.

A comprehensive bid module that is fully integrated with the system purchasing functions, and that also supports cooperative bids for client districts and other agencies. Data can be electronically exchanged between the ESA sponsor and their participating districts. 

An integrated budget development component that promotes a departmental approach to building the budget on-line across the entire organization. The budgeting process allows for compiling of proposed budget amounts from system-maintained salary and benefit data projections and from itemized budget requests.

Since all expenditures and revenues are accounted for by service, program-level accountability is maintained, and initial budgets can be monitored against actual billing and revenue to avoid overspending and facilitate utilization of available financial resources.

The entire WinCap system is designed to promote distributed functionality at the department/program level, in order to provide as much real-time information to managers as possible, and to eliminate the data-handling redundancy that typically occurs in large organizations. Our concept is to allow as much data to be entered and validated at the program/department level as possible, but at the same time provide strong central oversight and accounting controls. In other words, we give program users the ability to do things, but in a manner that keeps them within the parameters defined by their central financial and human resource managers.

The WinCap platform employs a web-enabled approach to allow the ESA to readily integrate management support users across the entire organization, as well as to provide desired access to data by their employees and client districts/agencies, regardless of their physical location.

System Reporting Features

WinCap provides a comprehensive array of standard reports to meet the typical reporting needs of school districts for internal management of their finances and their employees, for reporting to their Boards of Education, and for reporting to state and other regulatory agencies.

WinCap utilizes the Crystal Reports® report-writer for system reports provided within the various subsystems. Crystal Reports® is an industry standard report-writer that is available for a variety of computer platforms.  WinCap employs the most interactive version, which allows users to fully utilize the MS Windows® environment. Crystal Reports® dynamically reads the data files maintained within WinCap, so that data does not need to be exported to other software to design and run user customized reports.  Capital Computer Associates also offers optional support services, through the WinCap Enhanced Reporting Module, to directly assist users in meeting their special reporting needs that are not directly addressed through the standard system reports.

A free run time version of Crystal is installed on all WinCap application servers so users are able to run the system reports programmed in Crystal.  This will give all users access to certain enhanced output features, including the ability to save WinCap reports as files that retain the same attributes as when they are printed, and to save them in a variety of different formats (MS Excel® spreadsheets, MS Word® documents, pdf files, etc). There is no cost to WinCap sites to be able to run the WinCap defined versions of these Crystal Reports® and to take advantage of these enhanced output features.

Any system reports that present data in a columnar format can also be generated so that they directly launch and display the data in MS-Excel®.

If the client site activates the optional email functionality on their WinCap application server, any system report can also be generated as an attachment (in .pdf format) to an email which is sent directly to the user requesting the report.  This expedites the distribution of reports to appropriate parties through the user’s email system.