General Ledger

Automatic maintenance of G/L Account Ledgers from transactions initiated throughout the WinCap system.

Automated generation of standard closing and opening journal entries.

General Journal for recording adjusting entries and items not originating through other system functions.

Cash Receipts Journal; printed Treasurer’s receipts.

Subsidiary ledgers maintained for all activity effecting accounts receivable, budgetary and revenue accounts, to fully substantiate current balances for those accounts. These accounts are “self-audited” to assure that General Ledger balances are in agreement with subsidiary detail.

Generates detailed or summary Ledgers for any/all G/L accounts, showing incremental debits or credits and cumulative balances for each account.

Balance Sheets can be generated based on district-specific accounts or consolidated based on state accounts.

For funds where projects are maintained (i.e. Special Aid, Capital Fund), can selectively chose to maintain full G/L accounting by project (sub-fund). Once this designation is made, system journals and transactions require sub-fund so that the ledger balances can be automatically maintained for each project/sub-fund.

Allows for multi-fund journal entries, to enable inter-fund activity to be more effectively tracked.

Facilitates compliance with GASB-34 accounting standards.

Provides for a closing cycle, with separate user security options to restrict users that can process transactions once the closing cycle has been initiated.

Self-reconciling process for handling accrued expenses—by designating that a payment made in the current year is an accrued expense, the system will automatically post all necessary entries in both fiscal years for expenses and payables and provide well-documented accounting for this activity.

Provides an “OT” (Other) Fund, which can be used to account for Extra-classroom activities or any other activities that are not part of the district’s normal financial operations (i.e. Insurance consortiums).

Integrated industry-standard report-writer, Crystal Reports®, with data dictionary to facilitate the use of system-maintained information as needed; integration with Microsoft Office®.