Help Desk Support Options

Please note, if you receive your end user support through your local Regional Information Center, please contact them for instructions on receiving support.

Monday - Friday 8 am - 4pm
(Please see our Calendar for holidays or other exceptions to normal hours.)   

If you are in need of assistance with WinCap, you may contact CCA staff via phone, email or fax. All help requests are treated on a first come, first serve basis as possible; if your help request is absolutely urgent, please let us know and we will respond accordingly. Before calling, you may want to check with your WinCap System Manager to review your organization's internal WinCap assistance procedures.

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Email a Question to our Help Desk Staff or

General Assistance

Accounting Software Support
Payroll/HR Software Support
Operations or Technical Support
Professional Development

Telephone Support

(866) 450-6696 Call Center

(518) 435-0500 - Albany Office
Fax (518) 435-9464

Upon hearing our company greeting, you may choose the following options at any time:
Dial 2 - For WinCap Accounting Software Support
Dial 3 - For WinCap Payroll or Human Resource Software Support, also Crystal Support
Dial 4
- For Hardware or Other Technical Support
Dial 5 - For Professional Development Support
Dial 0 - CCA Operator Line/For General Assistance or Urgent Calls

To make an effective help request…
To better assist you, when calling CCA with a help request, please be prepared to provide your name, your organization name, phone number where you can be reached, the subsystem you are working in and whether this is a question you need an answer to or a problem you need resolved. If so, is it new or are you already working with someone on our staff?

If you receive a message that there is a possible problem with your Backup, you need to report this to Hardware or Technical Support immediately, Option 4 via phone or

If you receive a message that a Batch Routine needs to be rescheduled, you need to report this to Accounting Software Support, Option 2 via phone or

A note about how our Help Desk Support works…
To ensure a speedy response to your help request, use the group email needed or dial our main number and choose from among the menu options provided, instead of dialing a specific staff member's direct extension. By selecting the option needed, the first available staff person in that support area will answer. Each of the help desk options (2, 3, and 4) has its own voice and email inbox to leave a message if someone on staff is not immediately available in the particular support area. You should leave a detailed message in the inbox, and your help request will be returned in the order it was received. Please remember to note your first and last name, and the organization you are calling from. Priority will be given to help desk calls that are routed through our voice mail support groups, email or fax. Please do not leave multiple messages. If messages of a routine help desk nature are left in individual staff mailboxes, these will be responded to only after all other help requests directed to the support inboxes have been addressed.

It is ok to leave messages for specific employees for an issue you are already working on with that support staff member. Please keep in mind that our support staff works both in the office answering your questions, and that they also travel to client sites. If you should leave a message for someone who is out of the office, you should not expect a response until they return to the office.