Operating Platform Services

WinCap has been developed under the Visual FoxPro® development system, utilizing its highly efficient relational database engine.

CCA recommends deployment on an application server utilizing a multi-processor server running Windows 2003 Server Terminal Services together with Citrix Presentation Server.

The application server provides the ability to maintain centralized management and processing for multiple concurrent users at local and remote locations and a variety of existing client workstations (Windows versions: XP®,2000 Server®, NT®, 95/98®, Apple Macintosh®, and others). This environment allows us to efficiently support all system users at the district, reduces implementation time and ongoing PC workstation overhead, and allows for "remote" access via the Wide Area Network, the Internet, or dial-up. The Citrix MetaFrame® software also allows our support staff to remotely "shadow" any WinCap user that requires direct assistance.  This "shadow" capability allows us to either watch an end user's keystrokes, or take over their session while the end user watches. Actual platform configuration will depend on the number of concurrent users and the type of system functions that they will be using, as well as the desired degree of "redundancy" for disaster avoidance.  CCA will provide a custom configuration for prospective clients.

WinCap utilizes laser printers for all system reporting functions, including purchase order and invoice generation and the printing of checks for accounts payable and payroll. We recommend that client sites have at least one workgroup level network laser printer (i.e., HP 4350 or HP 9000) available for these production-printing functions. This does not need to be a dedicated resource for WinCap, and it can be shared with staff in the central office for WinCap and non-WinCap print jobs. Individual PC users can also utilize personal laser printers that they may already have in place.

CCA provides all of the support services required to design and configure the server, to integrate it into the LAN/WAN/Internet environment at our client sites, and to trouble-shoot and resolve any problems that might arise.  These services include the design and maintenance of a disaster recovery plan for addressing server failures.  Our technical support services are designed to maintain the ongoing integrity of your management systems, following standards that we have established for disaster avoidance and recovery.