Position Control & Employee Cost Projections 

This module extends the functionality of the WinCap position-based human resource management, payroll and employee benefits functions to


  •  facilitate the projection of accurate salary and benefits costs for budget development 


  • facilitate budget management by restricting the assignment of district staff to the staffing levels and specifications established during the budgeting process


  • provide real-time tracking of position vacancies

Allows for flexible district-defined control parameters. The district can choose which positions they wish to apply control and which they do not.  For control positions, control can be established on any existing position-related data fields--FTE, district position tables (i.e. location, department), budget accounts, assignments, etc.  In cases where the district does not want to restrict assignments through Employee Maintenance, they can choose to not control on a parameter but still run discrepancy reports to show where assigned employees vary from the parameters defined in the “control” records.

Simple setup procedures—routines are provided to create the control records from current employee position records (incumbents) and the district then enters control records for any budgeted/vacant position on the cutover date.  Henceforth, vacancy tracking is automatically maintained on a real-time basis.

Provides for staff cost projections and budgeting through the position control records rather than currently active employee positions. This assures that vacant positions and those where staff are on a leave of absence are appropriately provided for in the budget development process.  Position control-based cost projections can automatically be “loaded” to update and support the proposed budget appropriations compiled through the system Budget Development Worksheet. 

For the new fiscal year, the employee position “rollover” process provides the option to rollover employee budget account distributions from the position control records to which the employee is assigned, rather than from the employee’s current fiscal year position record, in order to apply any budget re-assignments that were made during the budget development process. 

Standard Position Control reports include:

Position Control Listing/Roster—provides a detailed listing of all control records and shows the specific employee assignments to each control record during the particular fiscal year chronologically.  Staff on leave show as such with the position control record to which they are currently assigned, along with any active leave replacement sub(s).

Vacancy Listing—shows any position control records that are vacant “as of” any user-specified date or date range. 

Position Control Discrepancy Report—shows variances between the parameters contained in the control records (but not controlled on) and the employee currently assigned to the control record

 Enhanced Reporting features are available so end-users can generate other ad-hoc listings, and the integrated Crystal Reports report-writer can also be employed as necessary to generate more customized presentations of data.


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