System generates actual requisitions and purchase orders and encumbers funds when PO is issued

Electronic requisitioning and multi-level approval process allows for distributing the order entry process

Table "defaults" to facilitate data entry (i.e., Ship To Address, Invoice To Address)

Enter item descriptions and prices or select items from bid lists and vendor catalogs

  • routines are provided to import major vendor catalogs

Vendors can be added/modified from within the requisition/purchase order entry screens

Security for unencumbered balances by budget code and for purchase order encumbrances to prevent overspending and enforce desired budgetary controls--flexible so that the desired restrictions can be defined for each specific user

User-defined fields to facilitate data management (finding/selecting purchasing documents and sorting of selected documents)

Flexible setup options for customizing your Purchase Orders:

  • logos, number of copies to be printed, labeling of copies, standard instructions to vendors, etc.
  • Allows for maintenance and selection of regularly used PO text to facilitate order entry without retyping each time.
  • Compiles bid requisitions for bid solicitation and provides for award of bid (vendor and award price) and mass issue of POs for pending bid requisitions.
  • Laser printed purchase orders with electronic signature of Purchasing Agent when PO is issued; allows you to provide different types of information on the vendor original vs. internal copies of the order.
  • Recurring purchase orders can be issued with little or no data entry.