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ATTENTION System Managers and Business Administrators:
Please forward WinCap Community News to every WinCap user. The information provided will increase the efficacy of the product.

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     As you should now be aware, my partner Tom Frederick and I have sold our interest in Capital Computer Associates, Inc. to Harris Computer Systems/Harris School Solutions ( click for Harris announcement ) . I consider this to be just a new chapter in the evolution of the company that we have spent the past 23 years building to serve the management support needs of our school and BOCES clients.

     Although this may seem like a sudden move, we have been openly discussing with our users our need to move forward with the development of a successor application platform to replace the MS-Windows and Visual-FoxPro architecture that is currently at the core of WinCap. We have actually commenced this process with the development and deployment of new functionality through our many WinCapweb applications-Employee Self-Service, WebRequisitions, WebTimesheets & Payroll Vouchers, Professional Development Management, BOCES WebService Requests & Contract Management-and that list of .NET/SQL-based apps will continue to grow.

     After reviewing various options for the better part of this last year, we decided that the acquisition by Harris Computer Systems would be a win for our employees, our clients and our software solutions. It provides us the opportunity to accomplish our key objectives, including our ability to retain our employees and to continue delivering the WinCap solutions and services. Further, by becoming part of Harris School Solutions, we now have access to a multitude of additional solutions such as Activity Accounting, Student Information, Emergency Notification as well as AptaFund, a robust Financial Management solution. We believe that AptaFund can provide the migration path we are seeking as we prepare to move beyond what WinCap can address as technology continues to evolve. The CCA staff with Tom and I will be actively involved in shaping that product's functionality to allow us to continue to meet the needs of our valued clients. I am not retiring, as I will now be the Vice President for Product Management within the Harris Schools division, helping to fulfill Harris' continuing commitment to provide software solutions that address your evolving needs.  

     I feel that it is also important to note that we had a chance to research and verify Harris' commitment to the customers and staff of other software companies like ours that it has acquired. I can again assure you that they are true to their word in this regard, as the clients of those firms are still utilizing their applications and the staff and product support at those firms is essentially as it was at the time of the Harris acquisition.

     We look forward to continuing to serve all of our users through our new arrangement with Harris School Solutions. We will be visiting with our various constituencies over the next several months to provide opportunities to discuss our plans and the many benefits to be derived, as well as to address any outstanding client concerns. In the meantime, please do not hesitate to contact us to share and discuss any questions or concerns that you might have.


Warm Regards, 

Larry Steinhart