Vendor Maintenance

Multi-address Vendor file:

  • Differentiates addresses by Order to, Remit to, and/or Bid To
  • All addresses are part of a single vendor record, but transaction activity can be differentiated by individual “address”
  • Allows for designation of default order, bid , and remit addresses for a vendor to facilitate purchasing and accounts payable data entry

On-line query to find/select transactions for a specific vendor: by transaction type, by PO #, by vendor invoice #, etc.

Maintenance of vendor contacts provides “on-line” Rolodex®.

Maintenance of vendor notes allows purchasing agent to communicate important information concerning specific vendors to district staff that are authorized to enter requisitions.

Paper and electronic 1099 reporting; easy maintenance of 1099 eligible payments.

Generation of vendor labels based on user-specific criteria.

Vendors can be associated with specific bids for use in generating labels and bid solicitation lists.

Vendors can be designated as customers or specifically related to existing customer codes for use in accounts receivable activities.